• Information

    Accommodation & Venue

    NEW: This years venue is the same as last year, about 20min from the city centre by tram!
    The best thing about this for our guests from abroad: Its combined with a students hostel, so you can stay directly at the venue. The prices for rooms are very reasonable: Double room 35 Euro p.P., Single room 40 Euro.

    Kolpinghaus Wien-Währing
    Gentzgasse 23
    1180 Wien

    Public Transport

    To get around in Vienna you have the opportunity to use the well constructed public transport system. Depending on how much you are planning to travel around and how long you wish to stay, we can recommend the following tickets:

    Ticket for a single trip: (€2,20 for one; €8,80 for 4, €17,60 for eight)

    Valid for one trip in one direction. You are allowed to change but the trip must not be interrupted for a longer time than changing the means of transport takes.

    They are also available as „strip-cards“. (As the ViennaTramways DO NOT provide this on there english website, there is no official translation of „Streifenkarte“. I’m sry.. you may have to explain)
    Strips are made for 4 or 8 strips. Just valid one strip per trip. 😉 If you travel together, you can also valid one strip per person.

    72-hour-ticket: (16,50€)

    Valid for exactly 72 hours from validation.
    Also available for 24h and 48h.

    8-day-ticket: (38,40€)

    Valid for eight days. Note, that the days don’t have to be consecutive and that the ticket can be used by more than one person at the same time, if they are travelling together. Valid one strip for every person and every day.

    For our guests arriving by plane:
    Unfortunately the Vienna Airport is not situated in the province Vienna and based on this the transport by train to the airport is not included in the tickets listed above.
    In this context we’d like to inform you, that the CAT (CityAirportTrain) is not part of the „Wiener Linien“. When arriving we recommend to use the trains of the local public transport. For this you should buy one of the tickets above and additionally a ticket „Vienna airport“ to „Schwechat „.

    Please do not forget to validate both tickets before entering the train.
    Different from trams and busses there’s no option to do that on trains!

    For further information on public transport please visit the website of the Wiener Linien:

    Saturday evening dinner

    The dinner will take place in one of the typical Viennese restaurants.
    (further Information will follow shortly before the event)

    As we would like to give you the opportunity to select yourself one of the delicious Viennese dishes, we bring to your attention that the dinner on saturday is not included in the price of the event.
    If you are planning to take part in this dinner, please select the „dinner-option“ during your registration for the event, so that it is possible for us to make arrangements.

    Must-sees for the weapon & history enthusiast

    There will be a tour to a museum in Vienna where they have some of the stuff that interests rapier fencers 🙂
    It will be starting at 10.00 (but this may change) on Friday, 17. July.


    Of course there is again a possibility to grab a souvenir for RapierVienna 2020! A really cool T-Shirt, which will not be black.